Friday, October 9, 2015

UPDATE;Trump Leads In 8th State In Row: Ca/Fla/Pa/N.H/Va/Con/Nevad/South Carolina

Trump  leads Hillary head to head by his largest margin
Tuesday, October 13
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General Election: Trump vs. ClintonFOX NewsClinton 40, Trump 45
Trump +5 Clinton now only 1.6 points ahead of Trump in polling aggregates

Election Match-Ups

New;Second poll today has Trump over 30% Ipsos/Reuters 5 day tracking poll;Trend is clear

As well as leading in 6 consecutive state polls as per below Donald Trump is today at his highest point in the Huffington "Poll of Polls" polling aggregate since he entered the campaign at 33%.

This is the result of the new "Morning Consult poll which has him at 34% today. Aggregate poll records are the most accurate because they smooth out the results from a number of polls and do away with outliers etc.

Trump has more support than ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES EXCEPT CARSON COMBINED and leads Carson by 13 points smoothed out.
Rubio and Fiorina the great media hopes have both collapsed.


Trump's th in a row state lead (where it counts)

Nevada Republican Presidential Caucus
Massive 16 point lead in Nevada
South Carolina by 18


Connecticut Republican Presidential PrimaryQuinnipiac
Trump +20
Trump 34, Carson 14, Fiorina 11, Rubio 7, Bush 6, Cruz 6, Kasich 4, Christie 4, Paul 1, Pataki 1, Huckabee 0, Santorum 0, Jindal 0, Graham 0

Virginia Republican Presidential PrimaryCNU

Trump 23, Carson 17, Rubio 14, Fiorina 13, Bush 9, Cruz 5, Christie 4, Huckabee 3, Kasich 2, Paul 2, Jindal 0, Santorum 0, Perry, Walker  
Trump +6

As well as rising again in the nationwide polls Donald trump leads where it counts at this time-in the state polls with his leads with 32% in New Hampshire at a gigantic 19 point level 100% above Bush/Rubio COMBINED and up 14 points from previous poll

In  new state polls Trump has more support than Bush and Rubio combined in their own state of Florida which has over 90 delegates in a winner takes all primary. The situation is the same in the "rust belt" state of Ohio and Pennsylvania 

And Pennsylvania
In a new poll from California Trump leads and is ahead of local Fiorina.