Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Poll: Trump Open To VP "Outside Current Presidential Candidates" Who Might It Be?

UPDATE May 1st 2016. With Donald trump near certainty to be the nominee and Newt Gingrich confirming he would be happy to run for vie-president I am presenting the poll to see how the various possibilities are viewed. Thank you for your interest.
Original post;
In his interview on "Hannity' when asked if had any "one of three possible vice-presidential running mates in mind Donald Trump replied that he had given it "some thought. He went to say that it was to early to go further than that as he, of course, had to secure the nomination first.

He did say however that there were fine people running for president but that there were also those who were not currently candidates "who could really help and unify the party."

There are two ways of looking at that. Firstly is a VP needed who is centrist who could unify the party if it were perceived that Trump was too far to the right? Secondly is a party unifier required who was a well known and respected conservative to balance out a Trump perceived as being "not a true conservative" as his opponents e.g. in the Club For Growth are apparently soon to do?

Here is a poll that includes a number of possible VP choices for Donald Trump from across the Republican (and outside) spectrum and who are currently not candidates. It might well be that those who have not participated in the to and fro of the campaign might be best suited as a unifying VP and that Trump's choice may well come from these, or other outsiders.

I have set out the case for Governor Palin and Governor Martinez and Governor Sandoval of course a case can be made for all the others and those not listed.