Thursday, October 1, 2015

Poll Update; Now 34.7%:Trump Extends Nationwide Lead 20 Points Leads in 6 States

New; Ipsos/Reuters 5 day tracking Poll Trump 09/28 27.8% After tax policy 10/2 32.4% Ahead of Carson by 21.5 points

New Gravis Poll Up up and away
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New Ipsos poll

1) 2016 National Republican Primary

Asked of 481 Republicans
Jeb Bush (R)10%
Ben Carson (R)12%
Chris Christie (R)5%
Ted Cruz (R)5%
Carly Fiorina (R)8%
Jim Gilmore (R)1%
Lindsey Graham (R)0%
Mike Huckabee (R)3%
Bobby Jindal (R)1%
John Kasich (R)1%
George Pataki (R)0%
Rand Paul (R)7%
Marco Rubio (R)7%
Rick Santorum (R)2%
Donald Trump (R)32%
Wouldn't vote6%
New Pew Research poll taken before Trump's tax plan has Trump at 25%-4 points higher than NBC poll so loved by media as "proof trump has peaked"

After a striking lift in various national and state polls after a leveling off just after the 2nd debate Donald trump has had an amazing three days of positive polling.

This seems to be a regular occurrence which goes.
1.High poll leads
2.Debate which all the immediate polls shows he won
3.Media attack Trump's performance and predict he is doomed
4.Media puffs up one of the other candidates (usually Fiorina and Rubio, they've given up on Bush)
5. Trump starts to ascend in the polls again.

Rinse and repeat.

The new YouGov/Economist poll has Trump up 10 points-up 9 from the media touted NBC poll

And in South Carolina, Texas and Florida Trump leads comfortably. He is just 2 points behind Bush and Rubio COMBINED in their own state. In the last three days Trumps polls show him winning Wisconsin/North Carolina/Florida/Georgia/South Carolina/Texas

And in a possibly  important aspect in relation to the Electoral College Trump's assertion that he could win "rust belt states" like Michigan and Ohio see this development;

Trump Leading by 27% in Union Stronghold as Teamsters Want Meeting and Unions Abandon Hillary

Reagan Dems and Independents are immensely important, and Hoekstra says it would be a benefit to a Republican candidate if the Teamsters were to endorse.
“Unions endorsed Ronald Reagan,” Hoekstra said. “It really helps to have a broad cross-section of voters as part of your coalition, and that includes the Teamsters and other unions. They are full of Independents and Reagan Democrats that we can’t write off if we want to win.”
Macomb County, Michigan, has a population of approx. 850,000 people and is a prominent swing region. Macomb is known for a strong independent streak and is the home of many Reagan Dems.
According to pollster Steve Mitchell, all the GOP candidates being polled against Hillary in that critical Macomb region are beating her soundly.
“In Macomb, all three GOP candidates lead by a good margins;
Trump by 27%, Mitchell said in a press release.