Wednesday, October 7, 2015

UPDATED:Trump's Amazing Poll Run Continues;Near 30% In "Poll Of Polls & Major State Poll Results

The pundits despair continues

In The Huffington Post aggregate "Poll of Polls Trump is almost at his highest point ever and near 30% aggregate. If the idiotic IBD poll was removed which had him at 17% he would be even further ahead. As it now stands Trump has a 15 point lead.
The just released Fairleigh Dickinson poll is a bummer for pundits as it is not an "on-line" poll. It has Trump 9 points above the media's touted IBD poll which had him in second palce. Trump at 26% is not only inthe lead but  has as much support as Bush/Rubio/Fiorina/Christie/Kasich COMBINED!

In  new state polls Trump has more support than Bush and Rubio combined in their own state of Florida which has over 90 delegates in a winner takes all primary. The situation is the same in the "rust belt" state of Ohio and Pennsylvania 

And Pennsylvania
In a new poll from California Trump leads and is ahead of local Fiorina.