Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Update;May Run As Indie;"Dem's Have Their Best Candidate If They Want Him- Jim Webb

UPDATE#2: "Jim Webb to consider running as an independent "(Politico)

If he does Dem's will have blown best chance for sensible centrist that moderates could opt for and Republicans could live with. If he does run as an Indie and takes 5% from Dem's in Virginia, his home state, say hello to President Trump.***************************************************
Update:After being at 0% in primaries Webb, real debate winner, starts ascent 8  behind Biden in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire 2016 Democratic PrimaryBoston Globe/SuffolkSanders 35, Clinton 37, Biden 11, Webb 3, 
O'Malley 1, Chafee 1

Jim Webb bears utter vile hatred of far left  &  which he should wear as a badge of honor

 Bernie Sanders has a legitimate voice, represents a community of interests on the 'progressive" left and would be a gift candidate for the GOP. It is unimaginable to me that he could ever win 270 Electoral College votes unless there were a cataclysmic economic collapse like 1929.

Even if he did not get the nomination he is doing the GOP a favor by pushing Hillary to the left, and by her doing so she leaves herself open to a series of flip-flops like on TPP.

Chaffee and O'Malley brought nothing to the table in respect of that certain charismatic something that catapults an unknown to a substantial place in the nations consciousness. Sarah Palin  had such a moment in 2008, clearly O'Malley and especially Chafee, did not. At this point policy really doesn't matter, they were all, except Sanders of course, singing from the same policy song-book and the "X-factor" moment eluded both men.

Unless some health or substantial wrong-doing charge comes into play Hillary is still on track for the nomination. She was polished, as of course she should be having run so many times before, if not dramatic and at times robotic, but that's all she needed to do for her fans and her fans in the MSM which are legion. What I, or any Republican think of her at this point in time matters little, just as what Dem's think of Trump does, it's all about the primaries now.

If Biden enters and Sanders gets some wins on the board as he seems assured of at this point, then 
the possibility of a multiple ballot convention becomes a real possibility. If that does happen then Jim Webb stands a very good chance of being the dark horse winner and compromise candidate.

Webb appeared, dare I say it,"conservative" that is, reasoned and reasonable. His was the voice of considerable experience in congressional and military manners. For what it is worth ( and with Hillary at 7% a large shaker of salt is required) the on-line poll from Drudge at this point tells, perhaps, the real story of this debate as it might play out in the long run.

The far left "progressives' hate Webb for having been a moderate Republican (but are happy with ex-"Goldwater girl" Hillary) and pilloried Webb's debate demand for an equal share of time as "petulance" and acting like a child.He actually received 50% of Hillary's so he had good reason to complain.

What his detractors and the Hillary/Sanders admirers in the MSM failed to see was that was Webb's "Reagan-I paid for this microphone"moment. It showed the public, as with Reagan, "if he will stick up for himself he will stick up for me and my family"

As of this writing, and with over 300,000 votes cast, Webb is doing extraordinary well at around 25% from basically next to nothing in the pre-debate polls. 

Bearing in mind that Sanders army of progressives will have hit the button massively, I would venture that Webb's impressive totals represent votes from people who had not seen him before to any degree and were genuinely impressed.

I would believe, if this is translated into actual standard polling and Webb starts to get some finance, he will start to move up, and deservedly so, in the polls. If that happens and is translated into actual delegates and Biden does enter then Webb (with or without Biden in the field) stands every chance of a come from far behind win. He has done himself no harm and I believe a world of good-one to watch. 

In a multi-ballot convention Webb would have every chance of either getting the nomination or being kingmaker/VP candidate.

I would go as far as to say that if Webb got the nomination and won the election I would not be too bothered as I would think he could work with the GOP in Congress. That aspect needed to be strongly explored in the debate. In contrast, if Hillary or Sanders won, it would be four years of hate, confrontation and deadlock.