Thursday, October 15, 2015

Redux:It's All Good;Trump Will Be Nominee/President.Palin Will Be In His Cabinet.The Gloom Is Lifting America

Posted at Trump and Palin 2016

With all the trials and travails that America is experiencing, not least having to suffer an election campaign featuring the execrable Sanders and Clinton duo, there is a bright glistening rainbow ahead.

I am afraid the journey to that new "Morning in America" might be bumpy as there are very real signs that not only the American economy, but the  world economy might be in for some challenging times. Further, America is under severe challenge internationally with a nascent Russian empire, or rather enlarged sphere of influence in a chaotic Middle East, growing under Obama's "watch."

But still, there is a growing feeling that a weight, the weight of seven years of misdirection, is being lifted. I sense, now that Donald Trump has "bedded in" his campaign and has been front runner for three months, that segments of the population and most certainly amongst conservative Republicans, the base, that perhaps, just perhaps, we have a winner and a brighter future beckons.

With that light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel beckoning, part of the lifted weight is the attitude that "bearing the unbearable" that is, having to live through another year and a bit of Obama, has become easier. So to has the prospect of four years of Hillary become diminished from its scary prospect.

Of course, we see through a glass darkly and the political road ahead will be hard. Not only the democratic party but most of the media and big finance and the Republican Establishment are against Trump and the base, but we can "bear any burden, fight any foe" not only knowing our cause is just but, damn it, we have a winner.

Trump is unique, a self-financing Billionaire unencumbered by any sponsor or media kowtowing. In fact the media, as much as they hate him to the point of being utterly wrong with their predictions of his doom, are in fact in thrall to him not the other way around. Who else could possibly be the GOP nominee and take on the Clinton machine-Bush? Rubio? the idea is just silly.

For the base there is an added pleasure in that, if she wishes to take up a role, the prospect of a cabinet post is open for Governor Palin. If anyone, anyone, deserves such an honor it is Palin who has suffered the most vile attacks from all sort of idiots, deranged people like Immoral Minority bedlam escapees and Malia Litman, the vile Rebecca Schoenkopf and her harpy Kaili Gray at Wonkette and a spiteful and vengeful media.

The prospect of Governor Palin addressing the Republican convention, after Romney and his "team" shut her  out is, frankly just delicious and smile making. The thought of her reception, a replay of 2008 brings a wide grin.

Once again Palin showed great judgement by not running, exactly as she did in 2012 and no doubt she will as she did so well in 2014 help get more conservatives elected to Congress so president Trump will have a supportive team.

I write with a happy heart and a new bounce in my step as the Trump and Palin team in whatever shape it takes place over the next year, leads America back into the Reagan-ite sunshine