Sunday, October 11, 2015

Outrage To Feminists; Major Newspaper Suggest "Women Should Learn To be Led By Men"

Noted commentator A.Eritas whose review of feminism, and especially feminist icon Sarah Palin as related to the 2016 presidential election and the prophecies of Nostradamus as seen by feminists, received thousands of views. Eritas returns with another deep insight into social relations and feminism in particular.

By Guest Contributor A.Eritas

No matter what the opinions held by any part of the universe of feminism may be, no matter how encompassing and far ranging, there are two glaring aspects of the patriarchy that has gone unremarked on. Two aspects which, until true equality has been achieved, will mean that feminist are still held in the bondage grip of the male 
phallocentric patriarchy.

The first aspect is dancing. This shocking report from the prestigious 'New Zealand Herald' actually suggest women should not only continue their subjugation to men in this field but actually seek it;

"The men learn to lead and the women to let themselves be led"

There are no words to describe the outrage. Look at the women in the illustration glowingly looking up at her dance "partner" (master) whilst, conditioned by the patriarchy, she is submissively "led" in this horribly outdated ritual.

Why are feminists so silent on obvious and outrageous leftover of patriarchal oppression? Where are the voices to condemn the total acceptance that in dance class "women must let themselves be led?

Only when 51% of dances see women leading, especially such sexist representations as the tango, can this "cha cha glass ceiling" be broken. When the music starts the sisterhood should immediately assume the lead position and men, possibly in high heels so they can experience the former humiliation of women, should take the being led role.

Grotesque exhibitions like the "Apache dance" where women are flung around like sacks of meat should be banned or, for artistic sake have 51% of such dances with women doing the flinging role.


"Dances With The Stars" should be taken off air until it is reformulated with at least 50% of the judges being women and 50% of the dances being led by women


The second aspect is driving a car. When two people of different gender get into a car the overwhelming number of drivers under those circumstances are the patriarchal chauvinistic males.

A random check of any busy street or motorway will show the irrefutable proof of this statement. Until women state categorically that when they get in the car with a male they will be the driver, until 51% of the cars on the road at any time with two adult different gendered people inside, are driven by females, then the oppression in society will continue.

Why has this, blatantly obvious attack on women not been discussed in feminist circles? where are the likes of Germaine Greer and Emer O'Toole? The answer is that patriarchal conditioning is so extreme as far as "ownership" of the driving seat and the obviously phallic steering wheel (and car) that even the most radical feminist has not overcome this mental block.

Equality can only be obtained by direct action. Every time a woman gets into a car she should automatically get in the drivers seat. In fact, to be truly effective women should approach the car  directly towards the driving side and, one step even further back, should ask for, in fact demand, the keys.

Pressure should be put on governments everywhere to legislate for driving equality as many have done for electoral equality. Phoning, every day and over and over, their elected representatives at all levels to demand 51% of cars be driven by women should be a major activity for all feminists if they truly wish to overcome this final "windscreen glass ceiling."

"Give me the damn car keys" must be the new slogan of activist feminists as they  get on the tar-sealed road to equality.