Monday, October 19, 2015

Sanders Supporters "Toothless Tigers" As Bernie Gets "Palin Treatment"

In Hillary Clinton's 2000 campaign for senator from New York State the left made a huge fuss about the Republican candidate Rick Lazio "invading Hillary's space during the debate"

"many debate viewers thought he (Lazio) had invaded her personal space and as a result Clinton's support among women voters solidified"

Here's how the far left "progressive site "Mother Jones" described it

"The next day, media outlets began to embrace Wolfson's portrayal of Lazio as a sexist bully. "In Your Face," proclaimed a headline in the Daily News. Jon Stewart titled his segment on the debate "Rodham 'N Creep." Eventually, the Clinton campaign's depiction became the dominant assessment. Lazio was "Darth Vader with dimples,"

Fast forward to the first Democratic debate where Hillary not only invaded progressive darling Bernie Sanders space but she took hold of him to congratulate him when he helped her (oddly) over the "emails" problem. (Exaggerated, tellingly in the SNL version) Has there been a word about this from the various leftist sites like 'Daily Kos' or Wonkette or indeed Mother Jones? Not a peep.

In fact these sites, which are so quick to rage about "sexism" and suchlike don't see the irony of what happened in the debate. What is also ironic is their utter failure to recognize that Sanders is being given the "Palin treatment" by the media.

SNL brought in Larry David to portray Sanders and he presented him as a befuddled, slightly dotty archetypal New York Jew. The same "progressives" who reveled in Tina Fey's ridiculous characterization of Palin (some still believe it was Palin who said "I can see Russia from my window" to this day) as a rural rube, are blind to what SNL are doing to Sanders.

In fact Daily Kos ran the SNL episode with the headline injunction "Enjoy!" It is hard to believe they are so blind that they can't understand that Hilary was treated with kid gloves and that a continuous series of such portrayals of Sanders will create a false persona which will become the "real person" in many voters minds.

The video of the SNL episode on YouTube has a few comments from leftists upset with the Sanders portrayal, but they are the prescient, and so far unheeded, minority

Who would have thought that such leftists activists who were so violent in their attacks on Lazio and then Palin would turn out to be such toothless wimpy "tigers' when one of their own is so obviously under attack.