Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trump's Inexorable Poll Climb From 21% September To Twice Confirmed 27%

The pundits and especially the CNN/Fox announcers touted the NBC poll as being a sure and certain sign of the end of "The Summer Of Trump."

"Trump is only at 21% in a poll that is not an on-line poll and a poll that is included in the stringent "Real Clear Politics' poll of polls." They clung to this meme despite a long series of on-line polls which had Trump well above 21% and a much slower decline in the aggregate polls they carried at Huffington Post aggregate poll report which includes all polls.

As can be seen in the new RCP aggregate Trumps rise since the NBC poll has been steady an inexorable. If the ridiculous IBD poll which had a tiny participant field and put Trump in second at 17%! is excluded-as it obviously should be, Trump runs 25%/23%27% and, for the second poll in a row, in the new CBS poll 27% again.

The "insurgent group of Trump Carson and Cruz, who is now in third place in the CBS poll totals

Fiorina who the media promoted the heck out of as the "anti-Trump is now out of the top three and can't be included in the insurgency group, where she should not have been in the first place. 

The genuine insurgency trio is now Trump/Carson/Cruz. In the aggregate Rubio displaced Fiorina at number three but I would be confident that will soon change in Cruz'z favor.

For all the media's pushing of Rubio now they have dumped Fiorina who is stuck on 6% his polling is in sharp decline 11%/13%/8%

The "Summer of Trump ends and the spritely "Autumn of Trump" has commenced with the trend being your friend" confirmed.