Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Big Mistake Not To Include Palin In Cabinet As She'd Be "Rogue" Voice Of Loyal Opposition

Governor Palin penned a vociferous attack on both the Obama administration and "capitulating Republicans" 

"Sarah Palin: Russia Wins While America Sits On It’s Ass (pardon my Великорусский язык)"

The issue in her article was;

Russia just built and employed icebreakers to control Northern passageways while busily flagging life-sustaining resource-rich underseas acreage, with zero pushback from the U.S
In laymen’s terms, The Great Bear seized on America’s weak “uni-party” that controls our government, and watched our politicians go along to get along with Obama’s agenda built on disdain for an “all of the above” energy plan, a nonchalant attitude about bankrupting our government, and overall ignorance about purpose of national borders."

The wider point is that, once again and always, Governor Palin illustrates her independence, morality and principles above all else. 

At a time when surely any other prospective cabinet appointee would be either politically quiet, circumspect or frankly, lapdog sucking up Palin "goes rogue" and shows that she can not be bought or silenced. 

Nothing is more certain that Trump will have a political honeymoon period, not with the media of course but with the wider public. 

Even before he is taking office his "favorabilty" rating is rising and once he has settled into office and a degree of the campaign rancor has eased it would be expected he will be, initially, popular.

But unless the previous history of presidencies is yet another thing that Trump defies he will eventually find disfavor as some policy or other or event causes controversy. 

The media and Democratic party will of course lead the charge but their attacks can be beaten off as obviously partisan but remonstrations from Palin are not so easily disregarded given her reputation for ethics, principles and truth regardless of personal opportunities or favor.

If Palin were part of the administration this possible avenue of opposition would be closed to a large degree. 

That is not to say that Palin could be "muzzled" in any way but simply her sense of loyalty to the president and, if she had the VA position, her desire to stay in that role to assist with all her ability those who are in dire need of good governance.

Of course should there be an issue or event that was so calamitous to the well being of America that even the considerations of loyalty to president and charges even a cabinet role would not hold Palin back from "loyal opposition" I would venture with complete confidence.

I would also venture that not including Palin in a major cabinet role would be the first, and with possibly long term effect up to 2020, that the Trump administration could make.

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