Saturday, December 10, 2016

President-Elect Trump Asked Louisiana's Support They Gave Massive Senate Win

President-Elect Donald Trump continued his meet the people post-election with a campaign stop in Louisiana on behalf of the GOP's senate candidate John Kennedy.

Kennedy's win would give the GOP a 52-48 senate lead assisting confirmation of Trump's cabinet appointments, his Supreme Court nominees and of course getting his legislation through Congress.

The voters have had over a month to take further stock of Trump and in that period his "favorability" has shot up to 50%.

And in the Louisiana runoff the voters expressed their opinion in even more striking manner!

In 2010 David Vitter won the Louisiana Senate election 56% to 37% a margin of 19 points

John Kennedy won it by a massive  61% to 39%  five more than Vitter.

In the runoff in the 4th Congressional District the Republican Mike Johnson defeated his Democratic opponent Marshall Jones also by a massive margin.

The best reckoning of Trump's rising approval is that Hillary Clinton lost Louisiana to Trump by 20 points 58% to 38% Kennedy's three points higher since November 8th is a tribute to Trump's appeal.

Once again Trump has taken his case to the American people, the primaries, the general election and now in his call for a resounding senate win in Louisiana (and by inference his cabinet picks too date) and each time the people have answered back with enthusiastic support. This bodes well for his administration and bodes poorly for a fractured and dispirited Democratic Party.

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