Saturday, December 3, 2016

Stein Drops Pennsylvania "Recount" Thus Ends Dem's Last (Almost Last) Fantasy Hope

Green party's Jill Stein announced she has dropped the request for a Pennsylvania "recount" actually, "petition against fraud" as she missed the recount deadlines. The reason given was 
"Green Party-backed voters who filed the case "are regular citizens of ordinary means" and cannot afford the $1 million bond ordered by the court by 5 p.m. Monday. "

Of course this is spurious as the Green's could simply finance the $1 million from the funds that leftist idiots gave to her to support their last gasp efforts to somehow delay the election count until the deadline for the three states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, to submit their certified returns for the Electoral College.

If she had succeeded in this unlikely plot then Trump would have fallen below the required 270 Electoral College votes and the election of president would have been thrown to the House of Representatives. The GOP has a majority of states in the house so Trump would have been elected anyway but that was besides the point.

The whole idiotic scheme was to give green massive publicity, which she has done and to some how "deligitimize" Trump's win.

Now however even if Wisconsin and Michigan have their votes taken away, which would be a travesty and a tragedy, Trump would still be over the 270 mark at 280 EC votes (306 -16 and-10).

Stein has indicated a challenge to "selected Pennsylvania precincts (presumably ones that have not been certified or where he suckers have mounted a challenge of "fraud) and machines. This will keep her in the news a while longer but is of course a futile exercise in anything but publicity.

The Dem's fantasies still have some more to run though. The plan is for enough Republican electors to vote for someone else so Trump falls below 270. The amazing plan would have to see a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 36 "faithless Electors" fall into line-good luck with that!

The only positives from all this nonsense is that Stein and the Greens are building their profile and as "fighters for the left" may well bleed of "Sanders-ites" and cause the Dem's massive damage in future. 

Further it will hasten electoral reform as states may bring in laws that only candidates with a minimum of the popular vote, say 10%, are able to make a recount challenge.

 This would stop 1% candidates like Stein who may have the hidden support of rich Democratic supporters, or legions of idiots as she currently has, and/or rich crackpots, from making future spurious or hidden motive appeals.

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