Friday, December 9, 2016

Hillary's Non-Condemnation Of Stein's "Recount" And Attacks On Electors A Sad Final Legacy

Update; Even Hllary's Electors hate her as Dem's in disarray;

Colorado elector removed after refusing to vote for Clinton

Washington electors don't vote for Clinton 3 voted for Colin Powell and 1 for Faith Spotted Eagle.

Clinton's "legacy' goes from unseemly to disgusting.

"Clinton Campaign Wants Intel Briefing for Electors

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign has thrown its support behind an effort to provide members of the Electoral College with intelligence briefings on Russian breaches of U.S. political organizations before the College formally votes to elect Donald Trump president next week,” NBC News reports.
Said campaign chairman John Podesta: “The bipartisan electors’ letter raises very grave issues involving our national security. Electors have a solemn responsibility under the Constitution and we support their efforts to have their questions addressed.”

“Podesta’s strongly worded statement signals a clear shift in strategy from Clinton and her team, who have until now shown no interest in questioning the legitimacy of last month’s election.”

No condemnation of this vile activity

DEMS Attack Members Of Electoral College

  • A lot of ’em use bad, rough language,” said Layne Bangerter, one of the four electors. “Nothing I feel intimidated over. But we’re watching it very closely. They’ve got our home phone numbers, our cell numbers, our emails, our Facebook. We’re just getting an orchestrated barrage from the left.”
Our Lady of the Woods

Nothing, absolutely nothing, speaks of the character of Hillary Clinton more than her complete silence as regards the Green's Jill Stein's madcap "recount" nonsense.

That Stein's publicity grab had no basis in any political reality  as regards changing the election result was obvious from the start. Never in American political history have such winning margins been overturned. Even given some utterly unprecedented overturn in one state for it to happen in three was of course impossible.

Let's leave aside the "justifications" for the recount from Stein, the preposterous "I am only doing this to ensure there was a fair result" (only in Trump won states) silliness and the massive fundraising she got from deluded Democratic dead-enders the point is the charade could only have ended in the way it did.

That being the case the question arises as to why Hillary Clinton, who railed against the possibility of Trump not accepting the election result, did not condemn out of hand Stein's actions?

That she did not simply state "Donald Trump won the election, I condemn this blatant ploy on Jill Stein's part and ask the Democratic Party to have nothing to do with any unnecessary recounts. I strongly caution our supporters not to contribute any funds to this ridiculous scheme which would stop it before it began. The nation needs healing and to look to the future, Jill Stein's proposal would inhibit such healing" or such like.

But Clinton did not make any such statement and the DNC participated in the recounts while the Democratic members of the Michigan election board voted to support the recount there before (an Obama appointed) judge closed the nonsense down. Wisconsin recount completed with no major change and a Pennsylvania judge threw out Stein's "fraud' calin as nonsensical.

One has to conclude that in such actions and Clinton's lack of condemnation she and the DNC might have held out hope not for recounts overturning the vote but for delays and court cases making a recount impossible by the constitutional deadline and somehow taking Trump's Electoral College vote below 270 and throw the election to the House where some nefarious  John Quincy Adams like bargain could be cobbled together.

It is a matter of much regret that attributing such thinking to Clinton and the DNC is absolutely valid as Wikileaks proved there is nothing that team might reject in pursuit of their objective.

The media is in the process of creating a folk hero of the 'Lady of the Woods" sans makeup Hillary the friend of the casual passer by in field and bookstore. Elderly leopards do not change their spots and Clinton's morally bankrupt passive assistance to Stein's now exploded publicity and money grab is Clinton's final addition to her "legacy."

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