Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ivanka's Harassment;Privileged Leftist Gay White's The Untouchable Elite

As the world knows Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka was harassed on a coach flight by a Gay fellow passengers who deliberately set out to instigate trouble.

All the details are HERE

Of course voices on the left are attacking Ivanka! "Why did she fly coach?" "She's a cheap Jew"
"It's a set-up photo op by Trump" and other idiocy. But in the real world there are a number of disturbing themes;

More dangerous than the idiots who Tweet "photo op' are the radical leftist voices that are applauding the harassment of Ivanka as a good instance of the left 'fighting back, throwing off the shackles of the 'we go high' failed campaign and "taking it to the Republicans." This is a theme running through the comment section at Jezebel.

The leftist Gay community is being exposed as containing elements of being an elite privileged sect that appears to see it has total license to harass from within the safety of being able to scream they are picked on for being Gay  if their actions are criticized.

We've seen this before;

During the confrontation, Hanks called Bristol's mom Sarah "evil" and a "whore"

It's noticeable that Wonkette's resident gay Affairs correspondence Evan Hurst, a regular attacker of Sarah Palin (note these leftist Gay attacks are on women) has not weighed in on the Ivanka harassment which lends itself to approval from silence.

This group contains the epitome of privilege, mostly White, wealthy, in positions of power and influence in academia, the media and Hollywood. They are the new bully boys but in their arrogance have not taken note of the massive swing to conservatism the elections over the last two years have brought. neither do they understand their in your face rudeness will play out completely to the detriment of their cause and positions. This person gets it;

The left is an embarrassment to normal gays like myself & others. I hope the gay activist that harassed Ivanka Trump is charged.

There has never been a high profile case of a conservative Gay behaving in the manner that the radical leftists have which fits the profile of conservatives across all ethnicity, and affiliations.

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