Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Obama Biden Sanders Twist The Knife Into Hillary As "Comey/Russia" Gets No Traction

Now that the initial shock of defeat is wearing off Dem's are playing the blame game. They've run the gamut of "Comey/Russians/Koch Bros. fixed machines/Assange/biased media (yes they actually think that)/suppressed turnout (racism) and etc.

A few Bernie Bros. ripped into the actual cause of the loss, Clinton and her campaign, but most of the media and the Dem establishment kept their distance from the obvious, until now.

Now that all the ridiculous  last gasp efforts to overthrow Trump's win via "recounts' and Electoral College subterfuge have failed, the main characters have surfaced to gently, politely, but clearly twist the knife into the politically dead body of their erstwhile "it's her time" leader.

Obama's "her flaws were wildly amplified" an admission that she actually had flaws, is deliciously vicious, as is the clear admission of "[she] too cautiously played it safe" and the obvious attack on her neglect of white working class voters.

Vice-President Biden echoes this by initially stating how he praised her
and then puts her loss in: "her lack of respect' for the same "left behind people"

Bernie Sanders, as is his style, held nothing back. " Clinton was wrong to lash out at Comey, that's a minor issue. She should have won by ten points." And of course he goes on to blame the loss on  her inability to connect with White working class voters.

Sections of the more blatantly left media, where there is no such thing as subtlety or politeness, are starting to hold nothing back-expect this to be amplifed widely as Trump's agenda starts to be implemented. One  almost feels sorry for Hillary (almost).

New York Times

Obama Says He Would Have Defeated Trump for a Third Term

Mr. Obama praised the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, saying that she performed well under difficult circumstances and that there “was a double standard with her.”
“For whatever reason, there’s been a longstanding difficulty in her relationship with the press that meant her flaws were wildly amplified,” he said.
But Mr. Obama also said she campaigned too cautiously.
“If you think you’re winning, then you have a tendency, just like in sports, maybe to play it safer,” Mr. Obama said.
“Look, the Affordable Care Act benefits a huge number of Trump voters,” Mr. Obama said. “There are a lot of folks in places like West Virginia or Kentucky who didn’t vote for Hillary, didn’t vote for me, but are being helped by this.”
The problem, Mr. Obama said, was that Democratic politicians were not communicating to these people “that we understand why they’re frustrated.”

Joe Biden: Democrats 'Paid Price' For Clinton's Failed Message;

Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that Democrats "paid the price" for Hillary Clinton not making the problems of struggling working-class voters a "central part" of her presidential campaign.

"I said at the convention, when I introduced Hillary and praised her, I said we don't show enough respect to that group that, in fact, has been left behind," he said. 

Bernie Sanders on Monday refused to blame James Comey for Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat — just moments after a top New York Democrat said the FBI director should be fired.
Sanders, who lost a hotly contested race for the Democratic nod, said Clinton was wrong to lash out at Comey, who dropped a bombshell 11 days before the election saying his probe of the former secretary of state’s email scandal might not be done.
“That’s a minor look [issue],” Sanders said on CBS, insisting Clinton didn’t lose because of Comey’s revelation.
“It’s not a question of what happens in the last week. The question is that she should have won this election by 10 percentage points.”e.
Sanders downplayed Comey’s impact and instead pinned Clinton’s loss on the Democratic Party’s failure to connect with white working-class, non-college-educated voters.
“I will tell you I think there needs to be a profound change in the way the Democratic Party does business. It is not good enough to have a liberal elite,” said Sanders, the Brooklyn-raised son of Polish immigrants.
“I come from the white working class and I am deeply humiliated that the Democratic Party cannot talk to the people from where I came from.”
When host Charlie Rose asked Sanders if he would have beaten Trump, the Vermont senator declined to play Monday morning quarterback.

“Hindsight is great, Charlie. I don’t know the answer to that — maybe, maybe not,” Sanders said. “But this is what I do know: I know that the Democratic Party has got to stand with the working people of this country — feel their pain and take on the billionaire class, take on Wall Street, take on the drug companies.”
And the media turns on her

Clinton Political Malpractice Lost—Sanders Campaign for Change Would Have Won

She ran a lousy campaign under rotten advice from inept consultants, while he embodied authenticity

Even the  Washington Post now sees the light

"Donald Trump's stunning victory is less surprising when we remember a simple fact:Hillary Clinton is a deeply unpopular politician"

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