Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Right Stuff:Recommended Articles For Conservatives 12/01/16

Arrogant pomposity; Tell this to the 1000 Carrier employees;

Trump's Disastrous Pledge to Keep Jobs in the U.S.


VIDEO : Gutfeld BLASTS TimKaine for Calling for GUN CONTROL After Ohio State KNIFE Attack


Trump’s Path to Mount Rushmore
Smart energy policy could give the next President his best prospect for spurring growth in manufacturing jobs—and thus delivering on the promises his voters think matter most.

The Media, Still Throwing a Fit Over Trump

The news media, in the aftermath of their self-perceived failure to prevent a Donald Trump
 presidential victory, are throwing a temper tantrum.


Perceptive from the left-but as he says there's nothing to be done as the media are so dumb

It’s all too easy for Trump to set the media a-twitter

The sight of a president-elect stirring things up on social media is novel. But it’s a shame it’s so easy to set the press off on a wild goose chase

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