Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dem Meme "Trump Only Won By 68k Across Three Rust Belt States" Fakery

The left and it's MSM allies are doing everything they can to somehow "deligitimze" President-Elect Donald Trump's astonishing and substantial election win.The most vocal cry is "Clinton was an overwhelming winner in the popular vote" which of course means nothing as it is the Electoral College, not which Dem runs up the largest vote total in California each election, that matters.

Added to the ridiculous Jill Stein  "recount' of the Trump won states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan (why not New Hampshire?) is a new meme "Trump's win only happened because he ran up a tiny 68,000 in total lead in the three states combined thus he has no real "mandate".

Apart from leaving off his massive win in Ohio, which doesn't suit their narrative, they are only showing the half of the picture that suits their propaganda. let's look at the other half.

Trump had to overcome the massive leads that President Obama ran up  against Mitt Romney in 2012 added to the fact that these three states had not gone to a Republican since the 1980's. Here are the figures which show the monumental achievement of Trump and his outstanding team whose efforts are just now being recognized and, rightly, lauded.


2012                                                 2016

Obama   2,990,274     51.97%          Trump  2,955,671    48.62%     
Romney 2,680,434     46.59%          Clinton  2,906,128    47.81%

Trump difference from Romney 2012 is +275,237



2012                                                2016

Obama   1,620,985  52.83%            Trump 1,409,467    47.9%
Romney 1,407,966  45.89%            Clinton 1,382,210    46.9%

Trump difference from Romney 2012 is +1,501



2012                                                 2016

Obama   2,564,569    54.21%            Trump  2,279,543    47.59%
Romney 2,115,256   44.71%             Clinton  2,268,839    47.36%

Trump difference from Romney 2012 is +164,287

 The total increase for Trump over Romney in these "Blue wall" Democratic states
is a massive 441,025.

The fact that Clinton's collapse in Wisconsin and Trump's relatively smaller increase over 2012 is more than balanced by his huge increase in Ohio over Romney of 179,568 and his 4 rust belt states grand total over Romney of 620,593

All figures as per Wikipedia at the above date 


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