Monday, June 8, 2020

A Post-Trump Republican Populist Party Manifesto

The Trumpian Republican Party once it has rid itself of the conservative, free trader and internationalist elements needs to define itself in respect of a set of core beliefs and values. 

In my opinion the items set out below would be part of  a populist basis for the new party which began in 2016 with the campaign end election of Donald Trump.

IMO the party needs to create a platform for post-Trump to ensure what has been worked so hard for these last 5 years becomes permanent. These are some ideas towards that. 

There are elements of libertarianism, non-economic elements of socialism divorced from where they have been embedded in the Marxist, statist paradigm, states rights Jeffersonism and Hamitonian Federalism as the only mechanism for implementing the universal aspects, and 19th century American populism.

None of these points need definition or explanatory fleshing out as they are obvious in their general meaning. Means of implementation however would be a matter of much discussion.

1. Re-distributive taxation on the mega-rich whose wealth amassment has reached a point unparalleled in history and beyond and previously "held hands off private fortunes" thinking.

2. Total earnings equality between men and women

3. State and Federal Elective bodies to have a 50/50 male female split

4. As part of care and rehabilitation, and implemented only within those parameters, drugs are to be decriminalized.

5. Marriage and abortion are to be a matter of states rights legislation.

6. United States senators will be subject to the initiative and recall

7. Worker representation will be instituted on the boards of major corporations

8. The cooperative movement will be encouraged and financially supported by government

9. Tariff protection for American industry will be a standard element of the federal governments

10. American manufactures will be prioritized over foreign manufacture at all levels of government

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