Sunday, June 7, 2020

NBC Poll "Trump Approval 45%" But What Is The Dem/Rep/Ind Split? You'll Never Guess

Trump Approval steady in the new NBC poll taken at the height of the Rioting/MSM hysteria and before the astounding jobs recovery. Down one point since March so, not too bad.

But let's take a look at the Dem/Rep/Ind split way down the page;

Yes, you saw it right-it is Dem 45%  Ind 13%  Rep 33% a Dem +12 Registered Voters "poll." A reasonable demographic would be D+4 as per Rasmussen for example while Gallup gives them as even.

The Dem respondent advantage is of course ridiculous and makes the entire poll meaningless except to state that if Trump is at 45% with those toplines then he must be at 50% if the spread were correct and Likely Voters.

Other items of note; Positive attitude to Trump 40%   Biden 37%.  Election; Biden +7 (+9 March)

And, highlighting Trump's greatest strength and again pre-the employment result


  1. Awesome analysis. Thanks for deep diving and highlighting the 50 percent approval.

    1. We are watching but that still doesn't stop them coming out with this nonsense

  2. I often get the feeling that those who conduct the polls want to produce a specific (positive for democrats) result rather than the pursuit of actual numbers.

  3. Same thing people were saying in 2012 in Romney v. Obama. Turned out the polls were right.

    How’s this any different?

  4. Gallup had Romney beating Obama.They apologized and ceased such polling.The 2016 popular vote polling with Hillary winning were wrong by the amount.

  5. Hey, we miss you on Twitter. You were one of my 3 go to people. Hope you consider coming back. We need honest information coupl d with realistic analysis. That's you.

  6. Above message is from From Trump guy.

  7. Many thanks.Couldn't be happier away from the Trolls and lib loons.Hope you find the blog of interest this election year

  8. Really appreciate the analysis Shep. Better to be away from the toxic Twitter with all the lunatics.
    Hope you continue with more posts!