Saturday, June 20, 2020

For The CHOP; Seattle “Autonomous Zone” Burns $1 $2 $20 $50 Notes “Slaveholders Money “


Rumors are circulating that the residents of the Seattle Autonomous Zone (CHOP) are refusing to accept any US paper money with images of slaveholders.

 Also, they are only allowing people to enter into the officially accepted barricaded zone if they put any notes depicting Washington ($1) Jefferson ($2) and Jackson ($20) into the burning rubbish bins stationed at both entrances to the special zone.

No transactions are allowed at any of the businesses within the zone using the prohibited notes and only $5 (Lincoln) $10 (Hamilton) and $100 (Franklin) notes can be presented. Grant was a slaveholder so the $50 note will be burnt/confiscated

Since statues of Lincoln are being defaced, and the Mayor of Boston has come out in favor of removing Lincoln’s statute there, a CHOP “Committee of Safety” is said to be currently reviewing whether the $5 note is also to be proscribed.

 “It’s bad enough that the $10 and $100 dollar bills depict only white men but for the moment, until a socially just barter system can be fully implemented or the incoming Biden administration has the entire paper currency reworked to have all notes depict women of color we have to allow at least two hateful denominations to circulate.”

Also prohibited are the majority of the $1 coins in circulation as 18 depict presidents who were slaveholders with 36 of the total of 39 coins depicting presidents who were outright racists like Wilson or who presided over a country which allowed segregation.

Of current lower value coins only the 1 cent Lincoln coin is allowed to be used in the Autonomous Zone. 

“We realize it may be inconvenient to use say 400 cents for a purchase and to carry a back pack of a couple of thousand but we all have to make sacrifices to stand up for, or bend under the weight of in that case, justice a spokesperson was alleged to have stated.



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