Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Has Trump's Approval Rating With Blacks Collapsed?

Not on these latest polling results-in fact it is, under the circumstances with an aggregate (where it can be calculated e.g. leaving out Gallup) of over 15%, remarkably if not astoundingly steady. 

Bear in mind Trump received 8% of the Black vote in 2016, if the 15% aggregate of these approval levels is translated into actual votes to even the increase to 12% HarrisX assigned to him, he would be 50% ahead of 2016 and in a strong position in the "rust belt" states.

All polls June 3rd to June 11th at the height of the rioting, demonstrations and MSM race relations frenzy. 

Polling history has shown, as with Charlottesville, that with the passage of time and media hysteria chasing off in new directions, Trump's approval rating with Blacks rises to pre-crisis levels so these numbers may represent a base.

6/10 The Economist Black Approval  18%  6% Don't Know

YouGov  24%

The Hill/ HarrisX "recent Trump approval numbers, where 24 percent of black voters said they approve of the job Trump is doing in the White House, as a warning sign to Biden's chances in November." 

The Hill/HarrisX; Vote For Trump; Blacks 12%

Gallup "Non White"  20%

Rasmussen  36%

RMG  15%

Optimus  15%

Morning Consult  14%

CBS/NPR  12%

CNN Blacks  10%  "People Of Color" 26%

 and  CNN "Approval Of Trump's Handling Of Race Relations" Black Approval 19% Don't Know 8%


David said...

How much of the black vote he will get in the election?

M. Joseph Sheppard said...

Anything over the 8% he got last time which is certain will be a big boost to his chances

David said...

I love your content by the way
If is not asking much are you gonna do a post about the new gallup and cnn poll.
I am getting a little worried

M. Joseph Sheppard said...

Not worth worrying about esp. CNN.