Friday, June 5, 2020

MSM Throws Kitchen Sink And "Polls" At Trump -It's Not Working

In their desperate attempt to energize Sleepy Joe and drum up support for him the MSM went into overdrive this last week with race riots, Covid, Trump hating retired army personnel nobody has heard of, and fired White House staffers all been given massive coverage 24/7.

Another tool was to have every leftist polling outfit come out at the same time with terrible "shock horror Trump's support collapses" polling. RCP generally lists  between 6-10 current polls to get their headline aggregate today runs 13 to include the endlessly anti-Trump Quinnipiac poll.

The usual suspects NPR/Reuters/CBS-notably the only "All Voters" poll which measure always shows Trump lower than Registered Voters and especially Likely Voters polling, equals the ever reliably anti-Trump Reuters at 40% approval.

Most of these polls were taken at the height of the looting, burning racial inflamed rioting where the likes of CNN went ballistic  with their apocalyptic coverage and found every possible means of linking Trump into it.

And for all their and their Dem and polling allies efforts Trump's aggregate approval rating is down 1.3 points from May 24th.

I have stated that Rasmussen, one of only two current Likely Voters polls is "the canary in the coal mine" and nearly always its running three day aggregate poll result is ahead of the pack and reflective of what is the voters current mood. Today's Rasmussen Trump 48% Approval is indicative of a trend I noticed over the last week.

Trump's approval collapsed from 46% on May 22nd  
to 42% on May 27th his lowest since December 2017
as the full force of the media coverage of the rioting hit hard on a public already reeling from Covid news and unemployment worries.  But as a measured view away from the induced hysteria took place the polling moved into the 44-46% range.

Now, as the protesting has moved from the literally inflammatory period to a more peaceful one and the all the police involved have been taken into custody allied to reassuring unemployment figures and signs of economic recovery, voters are able to judge the situation, and the president without the media smoke and mirrors. 

It is also instructive that in the Pennsylvania primaries the GOP turnout was higher than the Dems. It may well be, as I stated earlier "the cake is baked" and no matter the shock headline du jour voters have made their minds up.

Again, Rasmussen is a three day rolling aggregate and any new poll will reflect a period of the media hysteria so it will be a little while longer before a final picture of the public mood is but for the moment and as always "A week in politics is a long time" Rasmussen is once again unbiased and ahead of the pack.

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