Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alaskan Bloggers Palin Attacks Did God's Work (God Has A Sense Of Humor)

The fact that God does indeed move in mysterious ways is well born out by the actions of the very people who, by their schemes and mechanisms, plots and plans, sought to bring down Sarah Palin when she was Governor of Alaska having succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Allied with the assorted busybodies, loonies and the just plain vindictive who kept up a barrage of "ethics complaints" Governor Palin resigned her office for the plain and simple reason-it is no mystery-that she could not do her job under the circumstances. Her enemies on the left rejoiced "we are sitting here admiring the trophy head we have collected"

Unfortunately for them, the Moore's, Immoral Minority, Mudflats and other assorted oddballs (all of whom would be nobodies if they didn't have Palin to direct their fantasies, spite and neuroses against) their wildest dreams have turned into nightmares and their "victory" is the classic definition of Pyrrhic.

Without their plots and schemes Palin would still be Governor of Alaska and, although still a voice in the G.O.P. her presence on the national stage would be limited. By resigning she is now a massive force, able to have the President's Chief Of Staff make a public apology, put the health care bill off course, travel across America supporting candidates, write a massive best sellers and, wonderfully, drive the radical left crazy.

Palin is a Christian with a belief in Christian destiny for good and the possibility of God's "open door". It is not only God who has opened the door to Palin's ascension to a level she would never have been able to reach as Alaska's Governor but God's agents in the process-the left wing bloggers and their supporters in Alaska.

God has a sense of humor and there is laughter amongst the Angels in the Celestial Halls.

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