Thursday, November 4, 2010

Newsweek Poll Another Lib Election Night Casualty

Newsweek, the failed liberal distortion rag, which was sold for $1 to keep it out of conservative hands was yet another liberal casualty on election night. If, as is accepted by most, the election result was a referendum on President Obama, then that would have been signalled, surely, in his favorable/unfavorable ratings, which of course it was, as detailed by polling analysis websites.

Newsweek's last President Obama favorable/unfavorable poll was beyond ridiculous giving him a 54% favorable to 40% unfavorable rating +14.

As seen on the Real Clear Politics poll table below this was not only crazily out of line with the Schoen poll, taken around the same time, which had Obama at 42/57-i.e. negative 15, but out of sync with every other major polling firm listed which had Obama below 50% favorable territory, except the equally liberal Washington Post which still had Obama only +5.

You have to question what possible good this distorted, preaching to the choir, echo chamber type of polling does for Newsweek. If they are trying to reestablish  credibility this is hardly the way to go about it. If they are trying to gee up and shore up their supposed "progressive" base-well how did that work our for the previous publishers.

This is nothing new for Newsweek.You have to go back to February 2010 to find a poll,also by Newsweek as it happens, which had Obama at 40% unfavorable (disregarding the equally ridiculous CBS polls which continue on with their distortion unabashed).

Clearly the Newsweek team have learned nothing from their previous disasters and are compounding it under the new publishers by running with a polling firm which seems to provide what they think their customer wants-not what reality is.

The polling firm might draw a lesson from what happened to the Kos pollster who got sacked for providing a continuous series of polls which showed Obama at high levels of support and Democratic candidates polling very highly too. For both the polling firm, and Newsweek whilst they are still in business, it might be better to just report what is actually happening and take of the rose colored glasses before they both fall in a ditch together.

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