Sunday, November 7, 2010

CNN/Cooper Give Up Any Pretense Of Balance With Palin "Racism" Mystery Tour

As featured on theblogprof Anderson Cooper ties himself and logic in knots as he travelled on a magical mystery tour trying desperately to make a "controversy" of the purported "favoriting" (which she denied) by Sarah Palin of a humorous tweet which had,
in a fevered imagination, "racist"overtones. This tweet from Ann Coulter, which was was forwarded to Palin (who didn't on forward it), as a joke, was sent to Coulter by motormouth Marc Lamont Hill. It included a picture  of a church sign in Harlem, which sign purportedly equated President Obama with the Muslim faith-or whatever, it was frankly hard to decipher what the message was.

Cooper strains as best he can to make a mountain out of a molehill by getting as near as he can to questioning if racism is involved without saying so overtly. He then gets Hill to opine on the "issue" and both of them skirt around the racism issue with all sorts of dark implications including that Palin has not responded to Coopers request for an explanation. There is no mention that the originator of the sign in question is Black of course.

This video is, to me, the most blatant showing of the huge bias that CNN has against the Republicans and Palin in particular. Fox has been charged with bias, but frankly their slogan of "fair and balanced" is correct when compared to CNN, and Cooper in particular.

The media covered President Obama entry into India and he delivered one of his "silver tongued" soaring rhetoric speeches which included a quote from Nehru about the loss of Gandhi. There was the stars in the firmament references which may or may not have left those who have not had three years of this stuff spell bound. It is all getting so tiresome and boring.

The American people have clearly signalled they can dispense with the soaring  leg tingling phrases. The time is approaching shortly when a plain speaking, Hockey Mom's "sensible conservative" words, and the subsequent job creation ensuing from those words being turned into action, will be listened to  a hundred times more intently than our current would be Demosthenes.
Speaking of tiresome...Tina Fey's "impression" even allowing for her confession of rustiness, of Palin on Letterman was really poor.The "Palin" Fey imitated was the Palin imitation of two years ago. Fey has missed the fact the Palin today is a tempered, tough sharp cookie, and if Fey wants any credibility to her satire she needs to brush up on current events. It was noted that Fey went beyond satire into editorial with her "Dairy Queen" crack which shows where her politics lie.

Also interesting was Letterman's stumbling around trying to paint a mental picture of Palin. He made it clear by his "you know what I mean" which meant I don't have a clue, that he doesn't have a handle on Palin. This shows grudging respect as she is not an easy satirical target for him-much as he would wish that to be the case.

I have stated previously that I think it would be good for Palin to go on his show-for political purposes, and for sales of her new book, as such an appearance would have tremendous viewership, and would show her magnanimity. It would also tend to blunt his criticism of her going forward.

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