Friday, November 12, 2010

Anti-Palin Tweeters Wetting Themselves Over Gallup Poll Which Is Actually A Big Improvement Over Fox Poll

The anti-Palin Tweet brigades has rush to get their thumbs into action tweeting like Berzerkers over a new Gallup Poll which shows Palin "at the lowest favorables too date. If they would calm down in their PDS and look at the facts they would see in the Huffington Post Pollster site a different story.

The Gallup tracking poll has Palin at  40% Favorable to 52% Unfavorable.The Pollster aggregate poll of polls has her at 38.5/50.9 so Gallup actually shows an improvement in her favorables !

Not only that  the most recent Fox poll (see Pollster chart)-which some might expect to be biased towards Palin actually has her at 35/53.

And in contrast to Gallup the latest (no friend of Palin)  Associated Press poll has her at 46/49.

As I showed recently, the trend for Palin in the aggregate is unmistakably upwards.One poll,whether positive or negative should be ignored-which of course the PDS haters find impossible.

NB: Obama’s favorable/unfavorable per Rasmussen today: 44/54

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