Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guiliani/Steele To GOP Insiders "Let The Republican Voters Decide On Palin"

Rudy Giuliani braved the harpies on "The View" and came out swinging in defense of Sarah Palin. He attacked the "Cowardly Republicans" who "hide behind anonymity" to attack Palin. Giuliani was referring to the notorious Politico hit piece wherein unnamed GOP establishment insiders signalled they would, post mid-terms, now turn their attention to stopping any Palin bid for the presidential nomination.

Giuliani made the sensible, reasonable and loyal to the Republican rank and file statement "let the Republican voters decide" i.e. if they want her as their candidate and if they consider she has the qualifications-not the scheming pontificators and backers of the Romney/Pawlenty/Barbour triumvirate.

I am more and more impressed with Giuliani. He was very strong in support of Palin at the 2008 convention when she received the VP nomination-his comments to the media at that time were very positive and loyal. His further support-to at least let Palin have her chance- in hostile territory on "The View" was honorable and impressive-especially as he has not ruled out making another run for the presidency in which case Palin would be a competitor.

There is, I believe, a very strong case for Giuliani as Palin's VP pick in 2012 (more on that later).

Michael Steele, also to his credit at a time when he can be perceived as embattled in any bid for reelection as GOP Chair, has come out in support of Palin telling the GOP establishment to " chill out" over her ascent and let her "take it to the streets".

The battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party has commenced-make no mistake it is centred on one person-Sarah Palin.The battle is not so much about her as a person but her ideas and ideals. Will the"country club" GOP establishment, which brought Dole/McCain as candidates, emerge victorious or will the Reagan/Palin camp stand at the summit and bring real change to America? The issue will be decided by the rank and file. If they get behind Palin with mass support theirs will be the victory. If the  Republican establishment overrules the wishes of the great mass of voters then they will win, but will be in charge of a remnant as the Party splits irrevocably.

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