Saturday, November 20, 2010

Satire Is What Closes On Saturday Night-And China/America Ascendency/Decline

The playwright George S. Kaufman was absolutely correct, satire, especially something above the level of SNL-which is in reality moronic slapstick, has a very limited appeal. I have posted a number of, to me and, sadly, a limited number of discerning readers, clearly satirical pieces the end result of which is disheartening.

The latest, a posting about a Nostradamus prediction about Sarah Palin is so obviously a make piece, composite farrago that I am amazed anyone would not recognize it instantly as unadulterated satire. There is, as with any good satire, a core didactic element, but it is so framed in New Age nonsense that the core should stand out to anyone with an element of discernment.

I posted it on freerepublic and not only was I banned from further postings on that site, but commentator after commentator took it seriously, or as a matter of amusement that other posters would attack it, with only a few seeing the positive aspect.

Similarly the Orwell satire, and, for heavens sake, the “Après moi le déluge”, posting were so over the top that I was amazed that I wasn't chided for going to far in pseudo-intellectual posturing.

I make no claim for any level of intellectuality, basically I am an autodidact who has, as Aneurin Bevan said to King George VI when asked how he knew so much "I have plucked from the hedgerows of experience". However I must admit to a sad shaking of the head in sorrow at the level of discernment amongst so many of the general public. I refuse to use the term "dumbing down" but perhaps those in position of authority in society in the area of education should take a long hard look at the current standard of education-particularly in the humanities.

On a broader picture, perhaps those with a wider, historical view, might consider the education, family, work ethic of the Chinese in contrast to the current American society and use that as a tool to ponder the rise and fall of empires.

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