Friday, November 26, 2010

Sullivan Admits Trig Is Palin's Son-"Trig Truther" Conspirators In Despair

Andrew Sullivan, a mainstay of the "Palin lied about her pregnancy-Trig is not really her son" paranoid conspirators has, at last given the game away.

In a long post where he attacks Palin's parental skills as a mother-two things which of course he knows nothing about and therefore has no business in commenting on, Sullivan lets this comment slip

" Yes, she left her two-year-old with Down Syndrome after a "worrisome" operation to campaign half the world away the next day, to save a far right candidate who lost. But she didn't leave Trig behind on a late-night stop in her red-state tour to promote her last book. (italics/underline mine)

Oh no ! What are Palingates and all the other "Trig Truther" sites who have built up an industry about "wild rides", fake pregnancies, fake pregnancy body suits, and other madness to do now that their doyen has given the game away? No doubt Sullivan will now be attacked as an apostate or "sadly mistaken" as they try and resuscitate this treason from the cause.

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