Friday, November 12, 2010

Pro/Anti Palin Sites.Rick Moran No Comments Last 7 Posts.This Site Up 3.9 Million Places

The point is that Rick Moran's "Right Wing Nut House" which was a go to site for conservatives, is clearly running out of steam. It was a focal point for conservative activists and  postings were the subject of lively debate. Contrast that with the current site where the last seven postings have elicited not a single response.

That could mean that all Moran's dwindling number of readers are totally in sync with every word that he writes or that no one is interested in anything he has to say any more-certainly not the activists.

The fact that Moran has taken an anti-Palin stance may have something to do with his admitted decline.
The fact of his pugnacious response to anyone who dare criticise his postings may also have something to do with it.

The lines are being drawn more and more clearly as the battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party gathers momentum. On one side is the old guard, old conservative, anti-Palin forces, the Rove, Brooks, Parker, Sullivan (sic), Krauthammer
et al brigade and the Tea Party/Palinist activists.

I am proud to add my small voice to the latter and, am gratified to note, that since I have been taking a more vocal, Palin dedicated stance the readership of this blog has increased by 2.5 million places on the Alexa blog popularity measuring site. It is clear, I believe, whose side the vox populi stands in this battle for, and lets be real about it, the 2012 nomination.

There are two ways of dealing with the opposition to a cause, to combat them head on, which is the right way of dealing with the Lame Stream Media, and the other is to ignore them altogether which is the right way to deal with the detumescent old guard conservatives. Clearly the voice of the people, which is always right in the long run, has looked at Moran's site, which has as a recent post "Why The GOP Will Probably Fail" and decided-why bother?

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