Saturday, November 20, 2010

Only Lincoln Had More Forces Arrayed Against Him Than Has Palin

There is something astonishing going on in American politics-perhaps in the American psyche. The forces arrayed against an unemployed housewife from a small town in Alaska are at a level unseen since Lincoln's day. One the one side, Sarah Palin and her small team of supporters, on the other side;

The GOP establishment-witness  e.g. Rove/Barbara Bush !
The Beltway media establishment from left and right,
The leftist Alinsky aligned Blogosphere
The main stream media-the liberal dailies/ TV&radio networks
The entire MSNBC commentariat
The trash "satire sites" e.g. Wonkette/Gawker,
The leftist magazines e.g.  New York Magazine/The New Yorker
The late night television hosts,
The fanatic hate blogs e.g. "Palingates,."
The nut case conspiracy sites promoting "Babygate",
The media/bloggers who support various GOP candidates
The trash tabloids and Hollywood gossip "columnists"
The ivory tower academics
The trades unions
The Black  left wing commentators
The entire Democratic Party
The Radical feminists

This level of attack, antagonism, slander, psychosis, self-interest, contumely, arrogance, leveled against this one lone woman is at a level unseen since the days of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was pilloried from all quarters and described in vile terms in respect of his appearance, birth, attitude to slavery, in oaths and epithets which are unprintable. In his case great issues-slavery and the saving of the union were at stake and it is no wonder that  passions were so inflamed.

What great issues wracking the nation, what matters of life and death, of personal bankruptcy, of war, are so wrapped up in the person of this one lone woman that such an unprecedented array of forces are arrayed against her?

That Palin can carry on her life with the degree of cheerfulness that she presents, that she doesn't curse the very morning that brings her light, that she doesn't simply tell everyone to go to hell, is the greatest tribute that can be thought of in respect of her.

And what has she done to deserve all this opprobrium? Palin wants to see America return to "common sense conservatism" of the Reagan era variety This return to a time of prosperity,when America was honored and respected throughout the world , is apparently, such a dangerous vision that its proponent must be stopped at all costs, and with the full array of every possible resource allied against her.

I for one continue to be amazed and inspired by the courage of this one lone woman and am more and more dedicated to do what I can to lend my small voice to assist her in whatever choice she makes going forward..

Lincoln overcame seemingly unbeatable odds to transform America forever and for the good. Palin, with God on her side and with the unflinching support of those who believe in her message of positivity and American exceptionalism can win no matter how hard the battle.

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