Friday, November 26, 2010

Hypocritical Media Reveres "Give Em' Hell" Truman-Palin..Not So Much

President Harry S Truman is a revered icon on the liberal left and the mainstream media-which are one and the same of course- and Sarah Palin is universally reviled by these same forces.

Amongst the, seemingly endless epithets aimed at Palin we find her accused of, inter alia, being thin skinned, combative, poorly educated, common, thrusting her family into the limelight, would use atomic weapons.

Lets see how the iconic Truman stacks up on all these scores.

Truman was a “Ward Heeler” product of the Prendergast machine in Missouri. He never went to university and in business was a failed hat salesman. He was notoriously thin skinned and loved taking it to the press-the most famous photograph of him is him holding a copy of a Chicago newspaper who had the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman”. He spoke in folksy phrases with a Mid-Western twang alien to the East Coast elite sounds and phrases of his predecessor Roosevelt.

He was hugely proud of the, safe to say from this distance, rather poor talents of his Daughter Margaret ,whom he was happy to see in the limelight, and famously threatened a music critic who dared to suggest she was not up to her parents high opinion of her.

And of course Truman stands alone of all presidents as the only one who actually used not one but two atomic weapons.

One can barely imagine the action of the nostrils of the beltway elite if  "Give Em' Hell Harry" Truman was on the scene today-Sally Quinn et al would have the vapors. Andrew Sullivan rants that Palin just doesn’t have the right sort of serious attitude so necessary for success in the presidency-presumably like Obama has who is using this right stuff to do such a fantastic job,which was soundly rejected by the great unwashed who just don’t get it.

 "This may be a smart-ass retort; it may be useful innoculation against a potentially damaging gaffe; it may even be a well-researched blog-post, but what it isn't is anything approaching the kind of "character we expect in a president"

How Truman, this coarse, uneducated, media attacking, using family as a Prop, notoriously combative and thin skinned person (especially compared to the hugely talented and acceptable to the elite Obama) could ever be allowed within a mile of the nuclear button would beyond comprehension.

The utter hypocrisy of the left, especially where Palin is concerned, knows no bounds. One commentator taking Palin’s wonderful defense of a minor slip of the tongue which was pounced on by the left/blogosphere out of all proportion, tied himself into hypocritical knots. On the one hand denouncing Palin for taking the media to task, on the other defending what he acknowledges is his, and the media deliberate dumbing down their ‘work” to “promote conflict and make a living”

Such an admission is frankly beyond sad-how anyone could show up to work in the morning, to do a job which they know they have to deliberately do as badly as possible, is a terrible reflection on the media, their absolute abhorrence of the common man from their liberal elitism, which knows what is best for people, and absolutely reinforces Palin’s low opinion of these elitists. CNN, in a move beyond irony, have headlined Palin’s fight back Facebook post “Palin delivers a gaffe filled message” which at first glance would lead a reader to think that it was Palin who was making all the gaffes-not Obama-they have no shame.

As for Palin fighting back. The absolute failures of the Kerry and Dukakis campaigns were caused by exactly that, their not fighting back. Dukakis was miles ahead in the polls in his campaign against President Bush but when he came under attack for the “Willy Horton” affair and even did not fight back, and, even worse, when he failed to hit back hard when question about what he would do if his wife Kitty was attacked (imagine Sarah not responding to such a question about any of her family!) he was done for.

The same with Kerry who, when he came under attack in the “Swift Boat” challenge to his military record did not respond immediately, and hard. The left knows this and sees in Palin someone who would respond to the vilest attacks the left would drum up against her in 2012 so their obvious plan is to try and destroy her now. That this includes attacking her for the very same values they see and praise in Truman is a measure of their hypocrisy which they, having no shame whatsoever, disregard.

However, the public, who love battler, as they showed with Truman’s victory against all odds, (and dare it be said Bristol Palin’s remarkable journey on DWTS) will have the last word on the liberal elites smear campaign-I think it will be the last laugh.

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