Monday, November 22, 2010

Ode On Palin's Inauguration January 2013

Ode On Palin's Inauguration January 2013

There's a fresh wind blowing from the far, far north
And  it's driving a cleansing rain
A new day will dawn as it uplifts the forlorn
And to the weak it will impart its strength

Near fifty years we'll have waited, through turmoil and strife
To have  youthful inspiration once again
Cast in Kennedy's mould, this time a woman as bold
America rejoice ! Revel in renewed  life !

As she stands to take the oath to what voice do we strain?
It's the voice of small towns from all over the land
America's heartland hearkens to the heart of it's sweet-heart 
As the words "God Bless America" soar triumphantly again !

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