Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Open Letter To Mike Huckabee;For Faith, Flag And Family Please Endorse Palin

UPDATE: New PPP Poll shows Palin leads the field marginally but that 34% of Huckabee's supporters 2nd preference would be for her which would seal the deal in the key primary elections.This makes the request to Gov.Huckabee vital.

Dear Governor Huckabee,

I am sure your public persona as a sincere, affable and considerate person is genuine and reflects the core  person beneath the image. Certainly your 2008 run for the presidency was accomplished with dignity.The result you achieved, both electorally and from creating a body of supporters, surprised many and reinforced the respect you are held in.

Given the nature of the political cycle,and the vast amounts of money and structures required for a presidential campaign,commencing with the primary run,the 2012 candidates will be forced to announce their intentions shortly-possibly as early as February.

You have not given a definitive answer as to whether or not you will run.I understand you have a degree of structure in place and of course you have a loyal following.On the other hand, you advised, when asked about your intentions that you "had a good gig at Fox", which, being popular and lucrative, might well beat standing outside factories at 6 a.m. in the Winter-not that you wouldn't hesitate to do that if required.

Before you do decide one way or the other, can I put it to you there are, I believe, three vital factors,apart from the Fox career path,which might weigh heavily on your thinking as you contemplate whether to run or not;

You are a deeply  committed and sincere Christian.As part of your faith,which is so deep it led you into the Ministry,you are strongly pro-life.Your Christianity holds and finds you promoting,at the very least and by you example of a lived Christian life, these values in legislation and in moral persuasion.

Your conservative principles are central to a strong economy.A low tax environment as the best mechanism to foster growth,a strong armed forces,and the upholding of America's leading role in the world as an honest broker, friend it those who support us, and a strong supporter of Israel.

You are clearly a loving husband and father and dedicated family man. Certainly you, like all such honorable men treasure your family as the core of your heart and strength. And would promote these family values by example and where possible by legislation.

With these three essential considerations relating to a possible candidacy one overarching question arises. "If I run and split the the vote between Sarah Palin and myself,who share many if not all of these values so neither of us wins what might be the end result? To answer that question in part here are some recent polls whose results reflect Republican voters preferences in various States;

One thing is obvious, the combined Palin/Huckabee vote is substantially ahead of any other single candidate (and many combinations) and would carry vital states
(e.g. California;Romney 25%/Palin 18%/Huckabee 15%). If things stay as they are, i.e. with the vote split between you both, there is a possibility the candidate who does not share the faith and flag values you and Sarah do-as clearly recognized by a majority of voters-might win. The figures are striking; Romney 19.5%/Palin 17.9%Huckabee 17.1%

The question then arises, would you be content to see a candidate lead the GOP in 2012 whom the base of the Party clearly do not see as reflecting your values? If you hold to these values, as you clearly do, and believe they are best for America would it not hurt the country you love to have as president someone who might enact policies inimical to your core values?

The question further arises-you hold, I believe, shared values with Sarah, why then should it not be you who is the standard bearer and her that should endorse you?

With that key question we come to examining the third factor, family, as it relates on a personal level. Because you were not  the nominee in 2008 you, and your family, were not subjected to the minute, examination that Sarah was.We saw an endless campaign of sleaze, lies, scurrilous rumors, false stories of affairs, of divorce, her children attacked-even an helpless Downs Syndrome child mercilessly ridiculed.

Every aspect of Sarah's life, her clothes, her accent, her family-everything was grist to the radical lefts mill. Nothing so vile, so untrue, was off limits in the media's attempt to ensure their chosen candidates election. There is absolutely no reason not to think they will be at it again in 2012.

I am sure that you, like Sarah, are made of stern stuff and are able to stand up to such buffeting. But, could your wife and children? It is a deeply personal thing to ask I know, and if it gives offence I apologize, but, frankly, it is no less true for all that. I would not believe for a moment that this would not happen.This attack from the vile Blog "Wonkette" ridiculing you and your family is only the smallest foretaste of what would be to come I am sure.

Would not the same apply to Sarah? Frankly so much dirt has been shoveled at her that there is very little, if any, left in the vile hell hole the left has been digging from. If there was anything truly detrimental to her it would have come out well before now. Also, in her case the public is so sick of the media's attempts to destroy her, the radical left has to tread with caution in case they are seen to engender sympathy for her because of their remorseless attacks.

With respect, not only would you and your  family be open to personal attack because of your values, but all aspects of your records with be examined with a fine tooth comb. For example the events surrounding the subsequent actions of some of the people whom you pardoned when Governor would be endlessly raised like "Willy Horton" was.

Governor Huckabee, I believe that all you hold to be true and dear-faith ,flag and family, can be honored in the forthcoming campaign and, as president, by Sarah Palin. By supporting her you would also have the freedom to express your views to a nationwide audience on Fox and would not have to undergo the long absences from family a long, two year campaign would engender, whilst they would be kept out of the spotlight.  I would hope and trust that a most senior role would be available to you in the forthcoming administration, if you so chose to wish serving, which your talents so richly deserve.

I well believe that the future of America may well be in your  hands. I believe that this future is best directed,with your assistance by Sarah Palin,who has superior qualities to the field, and you can make this future,which incorporates your best hopes, possible by your support of her at this crucial time in our history.

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