Monday, November 1, 2010

Palin Needs To Have A "Truth Hit Squad" First Up November 3rd

Since the media and some parts of the GOP establishment have signalled that it is all out war on Sarah Palin, in an obvious attempt to preempt any 2012 run, then the strongest counter actions are called for.

Palin supporters should make it the first order of business (after due time spent recovering from election night victory euphoria of course) to create a "Palin Truth In Media" support structure.

This grouping should be composed of activists who will share all media reports about Palin which feature lies "anonymous sources" negative quotes from GOP establishment figures and of course notorious bloggers such as Palingates, Moore and yes Politico etc etc. Fair criticism is fine of course, and welcomed actually as it tempers and focuses but the "crap from bastards" as Palin so rightly put it, has to be stopped in its tracks.

As soon as these items appear there should be a deluge of responses pointing out the lies, distortions and cowardly actions by people, to shamefaced to say what they have purportedly said, in the light of day.

The media have shown, time and time again, that when stood up to they back down and are hesitant to do the same thing again when they know they will be pillared for it.

Unless this action squad is created and is strikingly active Palin will be weighed down under an avalanche of lies which will be unprecedented in political history. For the sake of the new America this must not happen. The remedy is in her supporters hands, they need to grasp it urgently.

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