Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Christian Site Says"Barack Obama 2013-A Blessing from God" Is An Indication Why Romney/Ryan Received Fewer Votes Than McCain/Palin

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The Evangelical Christian site "Kingdom Insight" at this link has a significant article up after the election which views the re-election of President Obama as "A blessing".

The gist  is that Obama,as much as one may dislike him/his policies prevented  a Mormon from being elected and may, short term, cost the country, but long term people's souls are not at risk which is the more important thing. As I wrote earlier, that was the tack I took (of course I didn't vote for Obama either).

Also, Obama winning if not an evil thing, (which it isn't) must be part of God's plan.We can't determine either his purpose and his plan (two different things) of course, so we will see how things turn out-but we do know that a non-Christian sectarian has not been elected.

Whether one agrees with the sentiments or not, the authors reasons are of significance in my opinion, as they may go towards giving one of the reasons why the McCain/Palin team received more votes than Romney/Ryan did. 

To quote "Firelight":

Romney lost because he simply couldn't turn out the vote. McCain/Palin turned out 6.2 Million more voters than Romney/Ryan did and that is all it would have taken to beat Obama this time around if you look at the numbers. 

Here are some of the thoughts from Kingdom Insight: I have highlighted what I think is the main reason pertaining to the significant drop in the republican vote this time as compared to 2012

What if I were to tell you that Barack Obama’s re-election was a blessing from God?  What if I were to tell you that God is showing us that He still loves us, He still desires for us to turn back to Him and receive His blessings, and that the re-election of Barack Obama was that proof?
What if I were to tell you that, through Christ, Barack Obama might be the greatest hope this land has to repent and turn back to the one true King?  Would you continue reading or would you turn back to the fear, the hate, the anger you might be feeling today?

I struggle to understand this election in the human sense.  I struggle to resist the anger, the fear, the grief I feel over this election.

If Mitt Romney would have won, there would be a complacency about the land, even amongst Christians, who, at the end, seemed satisfied, largely, with a Mormon representing their hope for freedom, representing their protector from the darkness of this world.

All praise to God for giving us a chance to turn to Him, for making our choices clear and not allowing a victory that might lead to a death far worse than physical death, the death of the spirit.

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