Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What You liked; The 12 Most Looked At Palin/General Posts

From the Blogger records listed below are the 12 most visited sites since "A Point of View" has been up  and the three most visited posts at the recent "Palin4President2016" site. It is of little surprise that eleven of the twelve articles are Palin centered since that is what both sites are-this site being a bit more catholic in its presentations however.

The Census Bureau post was cross posted at the Sarah Palin Information Blog and the combined views from my two blogs and SPIB was over 60,000! That is a major blogs type result, and shows a strong interest in the technical aspect of a Palin run, rather than the day to day type story or photo blog post from a speech or campaign event.

The photo and video reports from the various Palin convention and campaign rallies drew about 10,000 views which reinforces the obvious-Palin supporters cant get enough pictures of her.

The Nostradamus post was a bit of fun but clearly there are folks who like that sort of thing.

The links below are still active if visitors to this post wish to read what others found of interest-which I hope new visitors also find interesting. Welcome to new visitors and many thanks for regulars, I am truly honored that folks find my musings of value.


Nov 17, 2010 beat Obama  Electoral Map shows this

Dec 21, map shows 11 vote Palin win


Apr 28, 2012 Women of Faith Conference


Jun 11, 2012 Orleans baker's convention

Mar 6, 2012 family in the Russian Revolution



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