Saturday, November 17, 2012

List Of Republican's (Update:Add Gingrich) Now Throwing Romney Under The Bus (So Far) Jindal/Christie/Martinez/Cruz/Pawlenty/Rubio

UPDATE:here's Newt Gingrich putting the boot into the still warm political body of Mitt Romney: 
"Newt Gingrich took an opportunity to express mass displeasure at Mitt Romney’s explanation to campaign donors who said he lost because Obama gave gifts to voters."


Here is the fullest list I can discover of Republican's who have thrown their recent leader under the bus. Ben Smith writing at Buzzfeed says the party can't get rid of him quickly (Why Republicans Want Mitt Romney To Go Away) enough but this lot I sure having a go.

It is interesting that the person Romney and his team shunned  Sarah Palin, remained loyal to the GOP, under the most trying circumstances, and it is noticeable that she has not joined in the feeding frenzy. 

Chris Christie of course threw Romney under the bus even before the votes were cast and he was Romney' keynote speaker at the Tampa convention Palin was not allowed to make a major address at.

As you sow so shall ye reap

As for the now condemners of al things Romeny-where were they when the campaign was on, and even more to the point when he was running in the primary campaign and was the same person then as now (and in fact as in 2008 when he was rejected for the presidential nomination and the VP slot)?

As for the Romney enablers like Coulter/Hume/Rubin/Rove et al they should join Romney as yesterday's persons as their credibility is zero.

Marco Rubio "gently rebuts Romney"

Susana Martinez  "Romney Remark Set Us back"

Chris Christie "Unwraps Mitt Romney's Gift Claim" 

Tim Pawlenty (who jumped the Romney ship mid-campaign) Mitt Romney's Gifts Didn't Elect Obama"

Bobby Jindal "I absolutely reject the notion  (Romney's comments that "gifts" elected Obama ) 

Ted Cruz Mitt Romney "French Kissed Obama"

Here's various Republican governor's  "in the hallways"

In the hallways at the conference, the governors and their top advisers uniformly blamed Romney's loss on an uneven communications strategy. They said Romney allowed himself to be branded a corporate raider who put the interests of the wealthy above those of middle-income voters.
"We didn't have effective means by which to counter the attacks the Obama-Biden campaign took against Mitt Romney and his team,

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