Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daily Kos Moulitsas Weeps "Why Won't The Establishment Say How Wonderful We Are? Perhaps Because The Site Is Loathsome?

Here is the founder of the loathsome Progressive" i.e. radical leftist hate site "Daily Kos" one  Kos Moulitsas blubbing that the media doesn't recognize just how truly awesome and wonderful they are;

Brooklynbadboy wonders why Daily Kos doesn't get respect from the political class. The answer is two-fold: Establishment media assume that all partisan media are full of hacks like Dick Morris, and they still can't stomach us usurpers horning in on their territory. Quite similar to how old world baseball scouts resented the sabermetricians like Bill James (what the book and movie Moneyball were all about).
I don't know if that will ever change, but I can live with it as long as you guys get that this site provided the best, most accurate, and most predictive data of any political media outlet in the country, bar none.

Actually Moulitsas, the answer is three fold. Your site is full of the most disgusting personal attacks, filthy language, distorted views, hate against anyone who doesn't share the ultra-leftist garbage the stinks from the site.

This is the site that commenced the disgusting rumors that Trig was not Sarah Palin's child, that Bush and Cheney were going to declare Marshal Law rather than hand over to Obama. 

And in a day That will live in infamy this person Moulitsas, made a Tweet when Gabby Gifford's was shot that was the lowest of the low "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin". That rush to judgement was typical  of the attitude of the site and all that it represents.

Not only the reputable media but all decent people should abhor Daily Kos for the hell hole of hate that it is. and that Moulitsas lets run rampant.

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