Thursday, November 8, 2012

As Gifford's Attacker Jailed Let Us Never Forget It Was Leftist Kos Moulitsas (Daily Kos) Who Led The Despicable Charge That Palin Was Involved

The arch "progressive" site "Daily Kos" described as the repository for 
"the angry left"  is a sad spectacle of a degrading, literally rotting pile amidst its degradation of others.

Founded in the  G W Bush years by one Kos Moulitsas as a repository for the left to channel their hatred towards all things conservative, and especially the Iraq war, the site and its founder had the opportunity to grow into something positive. 

Daily Kos could certainly  have retained its dynamism whilst developing into a hard hitting but challenging, forward looking and constructive site for the left. Instead, it has kept its anger  and turned that to childish spite and spittle.

This is entirely the legacy of its founder Moulitsas who oversees the site. The articles and comment section are riddled with fanaticism, foul language, personal invective and, at times utter paranoid idiocy.

This is the site that, under Moulitsas's watch, actually ran comment after comment to the effect that G W Bush and Cheney would, rather than let Obama take office, declare Marshall Law. To add insult to injury the editor himself lampooned his own contributors as "funny" after the dust had settled.

Again, under Moulitsas watch the site was the originator of the disgusting canard that Trig Palin was not Sarah Palin's son. 

This neglect of common decency in editorial watchmanship points to perhaps a key to the site being such a swamp. The height of poor "journalism" was reached with their article that Governor Walker of Wisconsin had 
fathered a baby which he then abandoned.They ran this the day before the recall election and then had to admit it was false.

Moulitsas seems to be laboring under some degree of Palin derangement (PDS) which manifested itself, yet again in a column where he advised that Palin's "legacy" would be as some sort of watch word  as to how not to select a vice-president.  

The fact that Palin actually lifted McCain above Obama in the polls, and exit polls after the election showed she was a plus for his campaign seems to have escaped Moulitsis who seems to have a blind spot for the facts where Palin is concerned.

As far as a negative legacy-we will see  how Palin's career, which has just commenced actually, plays out. If she simply carries on as an endorser of conservatives who, like Ted Cruz and Deb Fischer, win against all the odds and  she shapes congress to her beliefs-well what an historic legacy. But it may be that high office beckons. 

As for Moulitsas, he will never gain any positive legacy because he will never escape the shoddiness of his disgusting tweet after Gabby Gifford's was shot.

Rushing to judgement, and letting all the pent up Palin hate come out Moulitsas tweeted "Well done Sarah Palin"  Nothing will ever fix that scar on his reputation no matter how  many people disregard the rubbish pit that "Daily Kos" has become-lampooned so powerfully by Dan Riehl.

PDS will eventually be the subject of learned doctrinal presentations as its irrationality and effect on seemingly normal people is not only ridiculous,  and sad, but a detriment to honest debate. 

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