Friday, November 16, 2012

A Stratocaster Not A Harp In Heaven Please; Video;"How To Play "Not Fade Away"

Some good post election news-a video found on Youtube which shows how to play "Not Fade Away". Of course the chord structure is easy-just like almost any randomly chosen Buddy Holly song it is A/E/D-I could play that almost as soon as I picked up my first guitar.

 But like, I am sure, millions of A/E/D guitarists I never figured out the grand instrumental break which gives the song its excitement built on the Bo Diddley chords behind the vocal. And, when you see it in the video it is simplicity tself-just the same chords hit hard in a higher register further up the strets.

 Bearing in mind that Holly was about 21 when he did this song it shows the unalloyed genius of the man and what a tragedy his loss was.If I get to heaven I am going to request the privilege of taking over from Niki Sullivan for a session as backing guitar with Buddy-but I'll let him play the guitar breaks though even though I now can (sort of) do them on this song at least.

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