Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Left Exultant:Daily Kos "Time To Trample The Republican Party Into the Dirt"

Disregarding president Obama's post election unity desire the "progressive" left,as exemplified by the "Daily Kos" site sees instead their historic opportunity to throw their fellow Americans into the dirt, grinding their faces in it and then throwing them and off a cliff .

 All Republicans are either money hungry plutocrats or "far right nut jobs".None apparently have a deep patriotic love for America based on traditional values.

In a post which leaves absolutely no room for doubt about what the left thinks about anyone who doesn't share their, to them transcendent views the author lays it on the line 
AT THIS LINK here are some highlights:

"Actually, the Republican party embodies everything that is not just wrong, but actually pathogenic, about the American political system and American policy.  

The underlying ideology in the case of the republican party is now randism, more broadly known as social darwinism (which btw wormed its way into the core of the Nazi ideology).  It is so repugnant to the human soul that it does not dare speak its name, and the more it is revealed to the American public, the more it is reviled by any non-sociopath.

and this comment: 
"Your safety is mine too! Let's join hands and 
march forward, stomping onto their carcass". and, succinctly put 

" I want them destroyed utterly."

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