Monday, November 12, 2012

Post Petraeus;Time For Feminists To Tell Women To Show Restraint? Society Loses To Many Good Men

I hold with Paglia ("Sex And Violence, Or Nature And Art") that the sublimation of the male Dionysian to enable society to function has led to (in her opinion) specific aspects of male superiority, and the rise of the Apollonian e.g. in the arts. However the Dionysian can’t be held in check “there is no female Hitler or Beethoven” and the negative aspects-war, date rape, adultery etc break through.

Simply put, men are robotic slaves of their reproductive impulses. Even more simply put, when Greg Gutfeld was asked "why is there a "leg chair" on your program, he replied "why does the sun come up every morning"?

Now that women have equal opportunities across any area of society they wish to try their hand at, they are
most certainly at a point where men are at a serious disadvantage.

Because it is impossible for men to control their evolutionary driven reproductive urge they throw away
their careers/marriages/reputations for reasons which are a total disconnect with the judgement they would bring to less serious life decisions.

The list of famous men with such destroyed careers/reputations etc is of course endless. Just to name a few as salutary examples there is JFK/Profumo/Sanford/Vitter/EM Kennedy/John Edwards with Petraeus being the latest as of this writing-it being otiose to consider any further as the point is obvious.

The loss of not only great men, but friends and neighbours, to contributing the local and national community is tragic. Apart from the, unacceptable in the greater part to American society, Semitic answer, (orthodox Jews separating men and women at prayer, and Muslims covering them up, neither of which I commend) what can be done to help diminish this huge problem?

The solution lies with the feminist movement. If they really care about equality, then they have it in their hands to make women and men equal in society by helping men overcome their natural and base instincts.

If leading feminists caution their sisters about the vulnerability of men (seriously, what would any thinking women expect of an alpha male in a Valentino environment away from his wife for months to end up doing?) then that would be a start.

It is no good to counter that men should be the ones to show restraint and that the woman in the various scenarios is a victim too. That would be the case if there was a level playing field, but evolution, so dear to liberals hearts, dictates that that is not the case.

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