Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nadeem Walayat Sees 1.Invasion Gaza 2.Invasion Lebanon 3.Invasion Of Iran. 4. USA Involved 5.China's Takeover Of Japan Islands;I See Possibility Solomon's Temple Rebuilt

Nadeem Walayat a hugely influential financial commentator at the British Financial Analysis site The Market Oracle has turned his attention to the current Israel/Gaza crisis and produced, in his usual, inimitable manner an in-depth article.

Walayat posits what he sees as the furtherance of Israel's real aims, the destruction of Iran's atomic bomb capacity through the mechanism of the Gaza/Hamas crisis. Israel, he says, instigated the crisis and is escalating it deliberately using it as a pretext to remove the capacity of Hamas, and then Iran to counter a strike against Iran  with a heavy missile attack against Israel. Israel does not have enough anti-missiles to block the estimated thousands that would be launched if the conflict spreads so they will, in his opinion,. take them out before invading the Iranian nuclear facilities.

He sees the USA involved in support of her ally, and the conflict spreading in other directions as China takes advanate of the  situation to seize the disputed islands off Japan.

Walayat errs I think, in describing Israel as have instigated the crisis, as clearly Hamas did by firing rockets into Israel knowing full well that Israel will not countenance any such action. Knowing that it is hard to fathom why they commenced their rocket attack, but that is something we may never know. Perhaps Iran, though Hamas, wants to instigate an all out conflict? Walayat says Iran's government needs a diversion because of the bad inflationary situation-perhaps this is the diversion)

Here, below are Walayat's core conclusions, the whole article is AT THIS LINK and is highly recommended.

There is another scenario which he has not considered, and that is what happens if an Hamas (or Iranian) rocket destroys the Muslim shrine The Dome of the Rock? That Mosque is built on the site of Solomon's Temple, and if it is destroyed then the Israeli's may  choose to commence the Biblically ordained restoration of their Temple. This is what is deemed as the final requirement, after the restoration of Israel and the in-gathering of the Jews. What is happening in Israel now may, on the surface seem to be man' actions, but it may well be the final playing out of God's purpose and plan-we shall see.

My article on this aspect "Hamas Rockets Hit Jerusalem For First Time; If Dome Of The Rock Is Destroyed It Is The Penultimate Step To The Second Coming"  is  AT THIS LINK. For sceptics, how much would anyone have bet in say, 1939 that within 9 years Israel would be re-established?

Walayat's conclusions:

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