Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jewish Voters The Only Religious Group To Move (Slightly) Back To Dem's.Media Balance Temporarily Halted


A disappointing result for the hope that Jews will wean themselves off the Democratic Party at a faster pace than has been happening historically. Only when the support level falls below 50% can it be hoped that the media punditry will reflect a more balanced and, dare one say it, more conservative viewpoint.

What has made this backsliding even worse is that many Jewish "conservative' commentators like Kristol, Brooks et al went all "Never Trump" but hopefully that too is a short term retrograde step.

2012, with a Mormon republican candidate was, oddly enough, an outstanding year for the ongoing decline of support for the Democratic party a drop of nine points.
That was a gap of 39 points which was a massive improvement on the 60 point gap in 2000

As the new chart shows there was a slight 2 point move back to the Dem's by Jewish voters and puts the support level over 70% again. But the 47 point gap is still better than the 57 point gap in 2008.

Every other religious affiliation moved against the Dem's with Catholics, and especially Hispanic Catholics, noticeably so. Hopefully this apparent growing recognition of the Democratic Party as being anti-religious will continue with Jews again joining the trend

The Jewish community of voters is, at long last ( about 70 years from the start of the Roosevelt coalition) moving away from its economic, ultra-liberal and at core emotional attachment to the Democratic Party. 

Whilst still behind by an obviously substantial 69% to 30% margin this 39 point difference is a huge improvement on the 60 point gap registered just twelve years ago. As can be seen by the analysis from the 2012 election Jewish voters moved  by 9 points from President Obama whose 78 % to 69% was the largest drop of any recorded movement of faith based voters in the election.

Crosstabs of the religious vote in the 2012 presidential election.

There are a number of reason for this of course and the significance in respect of numbers of voters is low compared to movements in e.g. the Hispanic voters choices as the latter make up a much larger and growing volume of potential voters. However, the fact that Jews are included amongst the higher income and educated groups, and especially in the media/Hollywood, any movement to the right is significant

This influence was set out by Caroline Glick, writing in The Jerusalem Post issued a stern warning about the influence of radical Jewish socialists in America in her article "Defeating The Jewish Alinskyites." 

President Obama's perceived lukewarm support of Israel would have some effect on Jewish voting preferences and for people with an understanding of economic mechanisms and the rational approach to economics a conservative program might, especially subsequent to the economic crisis, prove more attractive than a program of massive  spending.

But perhaps the major move towards the right by the Jewish community is one of the passing of a generation I posted an article, "Palin Is The Media Liberal Jew's Mistaken Golem And Primal Scream Therapy"  on why the Jews are, in the main, leftists, and if they can be weaned from "tales learned at granddad's knee."

 Michael Walzer at the Jewish focused magazine 'The Tablet" in his article "The End Of The Jewish Left" seems to think so, but I am not so sanguine. As long as Jews  of influence like Schoenkopf at the far left "Wonkette " site and others of similar ilk pump out their radical leftism into calcified older minds, and underdeveloped young minds, the battle will be challenging.

It would seem that the new generation whose memories of great-grandparents struggles is appreciated but seen as having little or no relevance to their lives today will be a major source of intellectual, financial and spiritual support for the new conservative Republican Party. 

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