Friday, January 22, 2021

Biden's "Honeymoon" Ends

Commences term underwater at 48% approval-a disastrous start compared to other presidents. Trump began at 56% Obama 67%

Snaps at reporter "give me a break" ending "new civility"

Breaks promise on fracking

Mandates mask wearing on Federal property-caught not wearing a mask at the Lincoln Memorial

Press Secretary Psaki makes a fool of herself "defending" Biden's actions

Cancels pipeline hurting Canadian economy, putting people out of work and raises gas prices at the pump

Fails to condemn Antifa riots in Oregon

CNN sycophants roundly criticized for lickspittle coverage of first days in office.

Pelosi equivocates on sending impeachment notice to senate then does; "unity"

Biden "Dow rally to all time highs" fizzles out

Destroys sport by pushing schools to include transgender athletes in women's sports


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