Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Good Riddance To The Squad Sanders Swalwell And The Entire Cast Of Anti-Trump Media Pawns

And  to the "Never Trumper's" the "Resistance" and of course to all the neocon's the Frum's Brooks Kristol's and the rest of the cast of utter pomposity.

Now that the Dem establishment is firmly back in the saddle the lib haters on the far left who were given free reign to spout their Trump hate for four years on the MSM platforms have no place in the media now as the Biden admin will try not to scare the horses of the centrist voters.

As for the neocon's the Rick Wilson's, Schmidt's et al they have no place in the GOP nor the Dem's and hopefully we shall neither see their ugly visages nor hear their hateful blather.

As for the crazies the Evan Hurst's and Rebecca Schoenkopf's  "Kos" et al at the likes of  Wonkette and Daily Kos one can only hope the earth opens up and swallows them to the lowest circle of Hell

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