Monday, January 25, 2021

Brevities #13 With Added One Liners

Like being in a time machine. Unless you are a techie start  at 4:30 in, it gives a real connection to the past and brings history to life as it shows ordinary people whose lives were surrounded by great events.
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Really, if it can't be said in a sentence or a paragraph it's just waffle unless it is a researched or shoe leather


Utter waste of time just to satisfy Pelosi

"Today comes word via Senator Rand Paul that Chief Justice Roberts will not preside over any Senate impeachment trial of President Trump: the text of the Constitution only requires the Chief Justice to preside over the trial of “the President.” Trump is no longer “the President.” Roberts’s presence is therefore not called for"


Blessed relief to be in opposition (of course it would have been even better if Trump had won but) as one is not subjected to Trump hate from the entire MSM 24/7 and the Twitter crazies


Hypocrites on parade

Amazon Pushes to Delay Mail-In Union Vote, Argues In-Person Voting Best Way for 'Valid, Fair' Election

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