Sunday, January 31, 2021

Excellent; "Solzhenitsyn Takes On The Progressives" Devastating Attack On Those Who Really Stole The Election


Well worth a read;  <<< LINK


"to do mass evil you have to believe it is good, and it is ideology that supplies this conviction."

 And this;

 "All of us are capable of small, independent evil acts, but progressivism, by allowing governments to submerge their moral qualms beneath a sea of ideology, unleashes that evil on all of society."

And this;

 "Such is the power of Marx’s progressive ideology that Rubin discounts his personal experience. If such self-deception in the name of ideology sounds unbelievable, just think of the American politicians and media people who, during the summer of 2020, watched businesses being looted and burned but could only see peaceful protests in the name of racial justice and economic equity. They are those who not only live and propagate the lie, but who come to believe it themselves.

And this:

"I can think of no better analysis of the true legacy of 2020: Not the Coronavirus itself, but the way it was used to justify the illegal power grabs of bureaucratic, progressivist elites; not the riots themselves, but the lie they were justified by (that America is riddled with systemic racism); not the attacks on Donald Trump per se, but the fact that his enemies in the government, media, and big corporations were willing to tell any lie to take him down."

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