Monday, January 18, 2021

CNN "Polls" Have No Shame; Today's Example Number 946

Ras at 51% today -that takes the aggregate, which includes idiotic polls, at 40%. Hopefully that's the final and looks better than the 39% they tried to drag him down to.

In the final Trump Approval "polls" the MSM liars are consistent to the last. CNN uses an "All Voters" polls which of course skews heavily Dem and gets Trump to 34%! "approval"

ABC/WashPost does not even indicate their methodology and  comes in below 40% of course at 38%.

The two Registered Voters come in above vote 40% USA Today/Suffolk which always under polls Trump at 41% and NBC/WSJ at 43%.

Rasmussen the only one that polled Likely Voters, which is what matters and which is what all the other polls switch to in the last weeks of a presidential election for "credibility:" (and they still get it wrong, except GOP orientated pollsters, by under polling Republicans) has their final poll at 48% Approval where it has been round about for the last few weeks despite media hysteria.

It's all garbage but for the above mentioned exceptions

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